As the primary Group for marine charting of Atlantic Ocean shipwreck's and to assure improved marine quality for the next century, the GPSCharts Staff, in association with other Government organizations are committed to a clean and healthy environment.


In the collection you will find targets that are not listed on any charts. Just give us a target center an we will get you any numbers within a 5 mile radious.

Are you an individual or company in need of a highly detailed marine survey? can offer you the services you require, be it wreck locations, bottom survey, inspections or drowned victim search, we can assist you at very competitive prices.

Side scan sonar works like an underwater radar and is the best tool in existence for locating submerged items as small as a 5 gallon bucket. Regardless of visibility in the water the sound pulses penetrates hundreds of meters to each side of the sonar tow fish. An incredibly accurate and high-resolution picture of the seabed and any objects lying upon it is displayed on a computer screen. Massive areas can quickly and efficiently be surveyed.


GPSCharts has been providing hydrographic and geophysical survey services for more than 20 years.
Through the use of Side-Scan Imagery and Underwater video we offer the service of Professional underwater artifact location and recovery. For objects as small as a five gallon pail to boats, motors, pilings, cars, trucks, and our least favorite, Persons.

Artifact location / recovery


Whether you are looking for inshore fishing targets or offshore targets we can supply you with numbers in a certin area.

Services include:

  • Hydrographic (MBES) surveys
  • Geophysical site surveys: Single and multiple pass surveys acquiring swathe bathymetry, single and multi-channel seismic, sub-bottom profile
  • Pre and post construction (scour) surveys: MBES and side-scan sonar surveys to determine seabed changes, map debris, evaluate (3D) seabed mobility, accretion and erosion (scour) around installed infrastructure or dredged areas