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SEA GIRT to LITTLE EGG CHART there are 331 + wrecks.

This is our central New Jersey chart, it covers from SeaGirt to Little beach. The charts are fully laminated with a money back guarantee. Some of the features on our charts include, locations of inlet sea buoys, compass rose, 3 mile and 12 mile zones, danger and caution areas and of course all the Wrecks.


The area of coverage of each chart is approximately  28 miles X 36 miles. The charts are fully laminated with a money back guarantee. These charts are very useful for the recreation fisherman or diver who likes to travel to new and unknown locations for that possible great catch or find.

  Wreck Charts

  1438 Shipwrecks charts and maps with GPS and LORAN coordinates off the New Jersey, New York coast. Nowhere else will you find this many wrecks this close to shore.

SEA GIRT to LITTLE EGG CHART there are 427 + wrecks.

Close up view.

This is a close up of the wreck chart. Notice the red letters, these are the wreck names (14 in this view segment). All wrecks are listed on the back with additional information including GPS and LORAN coordinates.


The Data man at is always in search of new wrecks to add to our CHARTS. If you know of any we have missed send us a note to Craig Bates and Paul Kaminsky; . If this is a confirmed wreck we will feature you in our award page with photos of you, your boat or the catch of the day.. In this way we can continue to provide the finest quality charts. Look for our on-line updates.

Key Benefits

  • 427 wrecks
  • 75% more wrecks than any other chart for the same area.
  • Money Back Guarantee

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