The most Comprehensive list of Wrecks in the North Atlantic


The area of coverage of each chart is approximately  28 miles X 36 miles. The charts are fully laminated with a money back guarantee. These charts are very useful for the recreation fisherman or diver who likes to travel to new and unknown locations for that possible great catch or find.

Our Mission

The Chart man is the Nation’s only real time chart maker. As the only U.S. organization, using electronic imaging together with real time Photography to give extremely accurate charts, this office has a long history of wreck hunting. Today, it promotes accurate navigation to many wreck sites by managing large databases of wreck information. The task of inland waterway mapping through Photography, nautical chart overlay, data and GPS information.

The Wreck Chart division collects ship wreck data to construct and maintain Wreck charts, Coast segment Charts, and related marine products for the North Atlantic Ocean of the United States.

Professional underwater artifact location and recovery Through the use of Side-Scan Imagery and Underwater video we offer the service of Professional underwater artifact location and recovery. For objects as small as a five gallon pail to boats, motors, pilings, cars, trucks, and our least favorite, Persons.

As the primary Group for marine charting of Atlantic Ocean shipwreck’s and to assure improved marine quality for the next century, the GPSCharts Staff, in association with other Government organizations are committed to a clean and healthy environment.

Loran to GPS conversion is offered as a confidential service. The conversion from Loran TDs to latitude and longitude is quite complex and requires ground conductivity data that isn’t readily available. has the ground conductivity data that enables us the ability to convert TDs to latitude and longitude with extreme accuracy.¬†


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